ACT WS  Dec. 2014
Sice 1998 ACT Well Services is on the marked with stimulation equipment like: Pumping Units Blenders Centrifugal Pump Skids Batch Mix Units Chemical Units Chemical Injection Hydration Units Data Aqusition Units Manifold Units Tank and Tank Systems Transportation Units Any equipment from the tank to the well that is needed. mehr Infos  
Sinse 2014 is the company ACT Well Services GmbH part of the “American Completion Tools Inc.” Group. In partnerschip with American Completion tools we are able to supply a widt range of tools and parts like: Completion Tools Wire Line Tools Coil Tubing Tools High Pressure Iron Gas Lift Equipment Well Head Eqquipment Gate Valves Many more click bottom below: mehr Infos mehr Infos
OilChem GmbH is groundet 2001 from a group of people with more of 30 years in the range of Oil an Gas Field Chemicals. All of the products are special designed for special applications and testetd to the real oil field conditions. Oilchem supplies addetives for: Hydraulic Fracturing Acidizing Cementing Well Stimulation Oil Production Gas Production mehr Infos mehr Infos  
ACT Well Services GmbH