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Well Competion Tools

Bridge Plugs
ACT WS  Dec. 2014



Pumper Proppant Blender Acid Blender Hydration Units Chemical Units Data Aqusition Manifold Data Aquisition Units Frac Design Software Field Laboratory Units Hot Water Units Tanks Fluid Transporte Centrifugal Pump Skids Frac Heads Packer



Cementing Pumper Batch Mix Units Bulk Units Tanks Cement Heads Cement Plugs

Chemical Injection

Injection Units Capilar Tubing Combo Units

Service Units

Coil Tubing Pumper Hot Oil Pumper Acid Transporter Steam units Work Shop Container

Wire Line

Slick Line Units Stuffing Box BOP Lubricater Adpter and Flange Tool Catcher Fisching tools
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